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+4 votes

I'm adding 1 plus 1 (what I see) and get two and thus have following feature request:

- PGC evaluates private cache note to retrieve final coordinates.

- PGC fills cache attributes into further cache log write note, when generating a GPX.

Idea: why not (maybe optionally) filling private cache note into a further cache log write note, when generating a GPX? This would be very useful independently of having final coords in that note; but maybe there are interesting information for finding the Cache...


in Feature requests by itsbrody (2.3k points)
I like this idea. It would be the same like GSAK does and it would be a good feature for PGC.

GSAK exports your cache notes (which are within GSAK) to the gpx file as an additional log note at the top.

EDIT: A comment not an answer

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