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Chapel challenge - Challenge des chapelles

==> <==


checker to verify that 74 caches were found with the word "chapelle" in them


checker pour vérifier que 74 caches ont été trouvées avec le mot "chapelle" dedans



in Miscellaneous by Carangue (980 points)
edited by Carangue

1 Answer

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I created a tag for the challenge ( but when I test it on the people who logged it shylo geodog don't qualify. Sadly I don't speak french so I can't verify that he/she has logged it correctly.

by Ländin (2.0k points)
selected by Carangue
Hi Ländin,

That is great. Thumbs up !

I tested the challenge with Vilcanota and it works.

Shylo Geodog does not qualify, I think the dog owner ( Zephyrsailor ) posted a "found-it" by mistake as she wrote a note for herself saying that she did not qualify at the time of visiting with Vilcanota and Shylo geodog.

Another thing: could the checker verify the French word "Chapelle" in other languages?

Could we for instance add the translations in various languages as it is permitted in the cache description to complete the challenge?

English: chapel
German: Kapelle
Swedish: kapell
Finnish: kappeli
Spanish: capilla
Italian: cappella
Dutch: kapel
Danish: kapel

I added the words you supplied.
Great, well done!