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I was notified by challenge checker user about bug in list of Swiss counties (municipalities). I found out, that list of counties is not complete for Switzerland - municipality Reinach (AG) is missing.

Please, note, that there are two Reinach counties in Switzerland, one is in canton (region) Basel-Landschaft (this on is listed on and second one is Reinach in canton (region) Aargau - this one is missing.

Both are distinguished by abbreviation of canton name in brackets after Reinach name:

Reinach (AG)

Reinach (BL)  

Reinach (AG) needs to be added to list of counties under Aargau region, Switzerland.

For your reference: List_of_municipalities_of_Switzerland

Thank you.

in Bug reports by Rikitan (3.5k points)

2 Answers

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We have looked into this and to us it's a known fact that Project-GC does not technically support two counties with the same name within one country. Normally those counties will be seen as one.

Our polygon data for Switzerland has now been updated to the latest in OpenStreetMap and we have added region-abbreviations at the end of all counties. Some counties already had abbreviations in OSM, sadly a very few of them, and not all that actually needed it.

A related post in the Checker forum saying pretty much the same thing:,2957

PS! It takes some time to update the data. It's expected to be finished in an hour from now.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by Rikitan
Thank you Magnus.
Thanks as well.
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I checked on the map and indeed it is grayed out. In the past I thought this would be the case if there is no cache in that county/municipiality at all but this is clearly not the case here. So, indeed, this one seems to be missing. Just to mention, there are a number of places with identical (or very similar) names belonging to different cantons (regions) in Switzerland and it happens that even local people get confused.
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)