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The Tool "Map DT Matrix" offers two identical filters: "Cache type / size" and  "D/T type / size ". Both seem to have the same options, the second one is marked "Paying members only". Either one of them is obsolete or I just don't understand the different features :-)
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1 Answer

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They are different. If you select "Cache type / size" it will use all your finds to fill the matrix but only show the selected type(s) as suggestions for filling in the remaining boxes. If you select "D/T type / size" it will only use that type(s) to fill your matrix (and also for suggestions).

Thus, if you want to complete your matrix with just one specific cache type, you need to use the "D/T type / size" filter.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
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Don't just look, but touch ... :-) Thanks for the explanation - now that I've just used the filters (and not only looked at them) I saw the differences.