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0 votes
It's cool how Proj GC shows your furthest caches in every direction.... however, one overseas trip tends to skew the numbers.... I'd love to be able to see the absolute furthest, and maybe the furthest in our usual caching areas? Seems weird I know, but it's nice to push the boundaries, but we can't get back to New Zealand every second weekend, and once you get one there, its unlikely you'll find too many more further east (or south!)....
in Feature requests by lee737 (2.4k points)
It get's even funnier if you go to Fidschi: on Taveuni Island there is one cache with E179° and one with W179°, they are only about 35 km away from each other and are probably the most eastern and the most western caches in the world...

1 Answer

0 votes
There is a paying member tool called "Map NESW/Oldest" which can provide the extreme caches available and you can see which of them you've found by whether they have smileys. It doesn't seem to have a filter of excluding caches you haven't found, though, so can't be used to just see which are your extremes.
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
Sorry, I wasn't very clear - I was after the extremes of our finds, in our country....
I got that. I was trying to provide a workaround.