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Force https, can for example use for certificate

+8 votes
For security for both project-gc and its users, I recommend forcing https for

For a good talk about the issue:

Talk is from Google I/O 2016
asked Sep 5, 2016 in Feature requests by kro8 (200 points)
great idea, I'm voting for it! does not need a certificate from letsencrypt, it has one from Comodo already. If you just write in https:// instead of http:// you will be served the https version of project-gc. There will be quite a number of insecure (unencrypted) elements on the page, but the page itself will be encrypted.
If you look at my suggestion one more time, you will see that it I wrote: "forcing https for".

Using Letsencrypt was a suggestion.
@kro8: Yes, I am aware that forcing https was your suggestion. If you look at my comment one more time you can see that I am not commenting on that part. I am merely pointing out that project-gc already has a TLS certificate from Comodo.

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