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There is already functionality to add friends on PGC.
But a feature that is reported for a long time never happened: the GC activity of our friends.

It would be interesting to create a "Live Feed" sorted by date would be listed the various activities of our friends: published new cache, cache disabled / archived, logs found-it / dnf / note, owner maintenance, etc.

One can imagine it this way:

[09/07/2016] <FRIEND01> has found the cache <cacheName>
[09/07/2016] <FRIEND02> has not found the cache <cacheName>
[09/06/2016] <FRIEND01> has published the cache <cacheName>
[09/04/2016] <FRIEND03> has found the cache <cacheName>

This is a feature I've been waiting and it would track our friends, encourage new addicts, and read the fine logs some still do.

Thanks :-)



Il existe déjà la fonctionnalité pour ajouter des amis sur PGC.
Mais une fonctionnalité qui est signalée depuis longtemps n'est jamais arrivée : l'activité GC de nos amis.

Il serait intéressant de créer une page "Live Feed" triée par date où serait listées les différentes activités de nos amis : nouvelle cache publiée, cache désactivée/archivée, logs found-it/dnf/note, logs maintenance, etc.

On peut imaginer cela de cette façon :

[07/09/2016] <AMI01> a trouvé la cache <CACHENAME>
[07/09/2016] <AMI02> n'a pas trouvé la cache <CACHENAME>
[06/09/2016] <AMI01> a publié la cache <CACHENAME>
[04/09/2016] <AMI03> a trouvé la cache <CACHENAME>

C'est une fonctionnalité que j'attends depuis longtemps et ça permettrait de suivre nos amis, encourager les nouveaux accros, et lire les beaux logs que certains font toujours.

Merci :-)

in Feature requests by Jipem (1.7k points)
We partly agree, and the feature is still held of because we don't really know how we want it to look and work. It's probably not so interesting to see a list after a power trail for example, and that long list can obfuscate the interesting ones.

I am personally interested in this function, but I know I wouldn't use it if it looked like your design example. No offense, I am sure many want it like that, and that it works for some users. But for those I would like to watch, it doesn't really make sense.
I think that sounds a bit scary... I wouldn't want to be tracked like this.
If this function ever should be implemented, then there must be the possibility to switch it off.
What do you think the difference is vs loading ?

Also, there already exists a product for this purpose, a smartphone app called gcwatch.
The difference is that with this function all is collected in one place and makes tracking even easier.
It makes more effort to check the list on for every friend  individually and since most people are more or less lazy, this is done less...
As ganja1447 said, there are already applications for smartphones it simply.
I do not know GCWatch, but there are also, for example:
- "GEOFriends" on iPhone ( and Android ( details?id=com.devcom_networks.watchgeofriends&hl=en)
- "Hamster" for iPhone (
- And probably others.
There might be several applications make such a tracking possible, but when one site (or one firm/company) starts such tracking service, this has another taste.

For me a bad one. Further I have no influence, if one adds me as friends here and I get no evidence about it at all.
I'm with tadaima's arguments that such a feature, if planned and when available needs to have the possibility to be switched off in the preferences.
In those smartphone apps you can track everyone, without them knowing. They even do not have to be on your friends list.

I don't think, there is a way to prevent this. But maybe i am wrong?

1 Answer

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Maybe there already are ways to track my doings by getting certain applications, But the stalker has to be active and download such application, In PGC you might encourage everyone to be geocachingstalkers as if it's a normal and good thing to do since the step to be a stalker is a little bit shorter than by actively search for and download an app, Or frequently search for my nick by "find another geocacher" and so on. I do hope that PGC not will support this behaviour. Personally I don't mind if someone is interested i my finds, I've already got some "followers" but I certainly want them to work for it!
by Newtommon (2.9k points)
(FR) Et si justement c'était basé sur la friendlist de pour lequel l'autre personne doit confirmer ou non la demande d'amis ? (c'est à dire ne voir que les activités de nos amis, vu que cette page "my friends" sert principalement à cela en indiquant les nouvelles caches trouvées et posées sans aucune mise en page globale)

(EN) And if it was based on the friendlist of where the other person has to confirm or not the friend request? (Ie: only see the activities of our friends, knowing that the page "my friends" is mainly used to this by showing the new caches found and placed without any overall layout)
If someone wants to search for you and for some others, he would probably know these apps, so you don't know. Or he just would add some bookmarks in his browser after doing the search for each person. So there would be not much work for him to do so.. And you wouldn't be noticed, if someone searches you on the site, too.

The only difference to those apps is, that you have to be registered at to do those searches. But i bet, if someone wants to "stalk" you, it would not be a problem for them to register