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Wade Hampton Census Area, which is county of Alaska, USA was officially renamed to Kusilvak Census Area in 2015. Please, update your list here.

More info:

Thank you!

in Bug reports by Rikitan (3.5k points)

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We have been using names from 2013 in our database. The 2016 version has been downloaded and prepared, we will look into converting to this during the week (probably tomorrow).
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by Rikitan
Update: The upgrading is already in process. Region/state and county will be recalculated for over 2 million geocaches. I would estimate it to take at least one full day. Meanwhile some of the geocaches might belong to the old county names and some to the new ones.

A list of the name changes (3 counties) can be found here:,3408,3414#msg-3414
Update, the new estimate is 1-2 weeks instead of 1 day. My guess was quite off.