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0 votes

Could a feature be created for challenge checkers that shows which checkers I have used that:

-Have been successful

-Have been unsuccessful

It would be cool to see those on the bar that says Find Checker and Help

This would be really useful for me as I forget which checkers I have used before.

in Feature requests by Potatonator (11.3k points)

1 Answer

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Best answer
You can do that with Map of challenge caches. The only missing feature is filter by found caches. You can do that semi manually if paying member by adding to vgps and remove found caches

Fulfilled checler in your state

To show checkers you dont have run is a non question if you are a paying member since they are autorunned in the background
Checkers that have not been used by you /autorunned have a blue questionmark on the  They are classified as neither Fulfilled or not fulfilled and by checking both only unnrunned appears on the maps
I hade 34 ok 2 failed and 2 not runned  in Western Australia and have likely never used one manually.

They are more often autorunned near home and Australia is far for me
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Potatonator
I'm not a paying member, so these features will not be available to me
The checker maps are not to my knowledge only for paying member.
It is the auto runned in the background that is. But the result of manual test is also displayed on the maps.
Result runned by another user with your nic is likely also added there
The system don care how it is runned only that it is.
I guess/home there is a special case for if runned by a basic member because checker that use coordinates don't get them if used by the on any nic

I suspect that problem that is solved for paying members will not be solved for non paying members. The is a reason for different features and the website need income to exist
The "Challenge map" is for PGC paying members only as well actually.