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+1 vote
Souvenir "CITO Week - September 2016" shows-up in but is missing from P-GC stats - is this souvenir missing on P-GC for anyone else? Any ideas how to get this resolved?

The qualifying event for this souvenir was attended on 18th September 2016 in the UK and P-GC shows the correct number of CITO Events attended, so has picked-up the event itself ok. It is the only souvenir missing on P-GC compared to
in Bug reports by PlasmaWave (380 points)
On 24th Sept I checked P-GC profiles for five attendees to the CITO Event above ... 3 showed the souvenir and 2 did not! Even more strange and inconsistant!
I manually refreshed the event GC code via P-GC facility and a few hours later the souvenir appeared on P-GC. So, issue now resolved ... anyway, until the next time!

2 Answers

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We have been applying some new code lately that is talking a lot more effectively with For one of the routines you have been in the test user group (10% of our users, based on user-id).

Someone made a bug report about this 2-3 days ago and we made a fix the same day. But there were quite a few users to fix and we estimated them all to be fixed within 20-24 hours. That should mean that your data should have been updated at the latest a day after you created this issue.

As you have noticed (if I read correctly in the comments) the data has now also been fixed.

The issue was also affecting the number of trackables logged for example.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
Thanks to ganja1447 for the explanation ... yes, the souvenir in question was displayed a few hours after I refreshed manually that GC code. However, maybe it would have been resolved anyway, just coincidence that I refreshed at that time. Thanks again.

PS ... wish we could receive your good level of service from when issues are raised with them!!! Experience shows me they totally ignore my reported problems!
Trust me, it's not always that we can provide such good feedback either. Besides the fact that our todo-list feels endless long, we also have almost 100 unanswered support tickets. I really wish we could keep an even better standard.

And to be fair to Geocaching HQ. The smaller the site and user base, the easier to keep up with the support, and knowledge about what's happening with the company/product/site.
0 votes
One question would be: when did you log the event? It might be that Project-GC hasn't updated your souvenirs list since you were awarded it.

Project-GC is asynchronous with, so some details do take a little while to make it through, but they do eventually. As far as I know, souvenirs are derived directly from the API and are not defined explicitly on PGC.
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
Thanks ... I know there can be lags but the event was logged on 18th Sept and as I mentioned P-GC stats 'know' that I attended. Last P-GC normal refresh was 22nd. It is very odd - I haven't seen this issue before.
Geocaching don't always award souvenirs immediately, so it was possible that the PGC update happened between the cache log and the souvenir, especially if the cache hadn't been logged until, for example, yesterday (which you've said was not the case). That's why I asked the question.

It's also possible that souvenirs are gathered through a different API call that might run less frequently. I'm not sure of the backend processes in PGC.
When I logged the event on the 18th, 'awarded' the souvenir immediately - "congratulations" came up before I left the log page.

Think your theory about a different API might be possible - I might need to be patient for a month, LOL. I'm not precious about souvenirs but happened to notice it was missing yesterday.