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+12 votes
I've found the Greasemonkey script for Firefox. WOW!

Many of my dreams came true just a few clicks away!

in Miscellaneous by Newtommon (2.9k points)
Appreciate that you like it. We hope to get some time to approve it at some point. That as well have endless of plans.
I'm sure everyone has their favorite features but for me it's pulling to the top the latest log types, geocoding the location to show me specifically where a cache is, decrypt hints and remove disclaimers/unnecessary text that clutters the page.

1 Answer

–1 vote
Where can I find the script? Can't find any reference to it on
by StadsAlv (10.1k points)
If you are a paying member at PGC you can find it, and instructions, under Home, web browser extensions.
Thanks! Must have missed it!
I am not sure that you need to be a paying member. There is not mention of that on the Web browser extension page
You might be right, I just presumed you had to be a member for such a good feature. It's that good so unpaying members maybe can make a donation instead. ;.)
I used it prior to being a paying member without issue.
It does work without being a paying member at Project-GC, however, some/most of the functions in the script asks Project-GC for information, all those functions require a premium membership. The functions that just hides/moves elements around at does not require it.

PS! The script is open source and available at