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+2 votes
How about a way to manually add  lab caches,   

You can download gpx files from the lab cache page,  if there was a import,  and then have it bring them up to mark it found and on what date.  it would bring the stats here in line with whats on the site
in Feature requests by Simrebel (460 points)

1 Answer

+5 votes
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PGC are currently working with Groundspeak over the API used to import finds. Earlier they said they were in discussions with Groundspeak about importing Lab Caches. Hopefully these two things are coming together and we'll see PGC with Lab Caches soon.

Then we have to talk to Kyle Mills about getting them and Giga events added to BadgeGen...
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.9k points)
selected by Simrebel
I agree entirely with those sentiments :)
I think I would argue to count Block Party as a Mega, if I were arguing. Perhaps in my spare time? ;)
And now... Monty Python references. Classic :D

Whether or not to count Block Party as Mega should IMO be up to Kyle, the author of BadgeGen. If the decision is taken here, there could be a difference in how project-gc awards badges compared with f.ex. the BadgeGen macro for GSAK.

And now...
The Larch. The. Larch.
And now...
A very quick check tells me that not both gigas and block parties are counted in GSAK BadgeGen, but I don't know which one is. To be exact, the macro counts cache types 'Z' and 'J', but I don't see a reference as to which it what.

(Also, Groundspeak's L&F celebration event one-off could also be relevant here, whatever type that appears as.)
A giga event is technically qualifies as a mega event, as at least 500 attended. I suspect the rules for a Block Party did not state "minimum of 500 people attend" so there may have been block parties that did not have enough attendees such that we cannot state that ALL block parties can count as mega event.