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+6 votes
Hi developers,

the heading currently says (for me):

“mirabilos has 1751 finds on 1751 unique geocaches,
plus 32 lab caches, a total of 1783 finds”

Now, I really laud you for finally getting the ability to add lab caches, but I’d like to request a change to:

“mirabilos has 1751 finds on 1751 unique geocaches,
plus 32 lab caches, a total of 1783 finds on”

The only change is the last two words (“on”), to make it clear that only Groundspeak’s data is used, not the data of the roughly dozen other GPS Stash Hunt platforms (after all, geocaching is (except in the USA where they are “doing business as” Geocaching) more than just Groundspeak). Yes, this is clear on Project-GC itself, but not when the ProfileStats are embedded on, say, geocaching profiles or personal websites.

Thanks for your consideration!
in Feature requests by mirabilos (2.7k points)
One addition: I would prefer if the number of lab caches only is shown when you have found at least one.
For me it says "... plus 0 Lab-Caches", so this a needless information.

It's good, that PGC now supports the lab cache, but I don't understand why one cache type is emphasised in the headline now. In my opinion the headline should be universally valid.
I recommend a wording change to “mirabilos has 1783 finds on 1783 unique geocaches"

I appreciate that lab caches are different from other cache types, but... they are just another cache type, and where possible should be treated as such. Aside from that they have some awkward properties they should not be treated differently.
Good point by both tadaima (needless information) and the Seagnoid (consider not treating lab caches separately), although:
• I’d still prefer if the site does not go along with Groundspeak pretending other geocaching platforms don’t exist
• I’d prefer for lab caches to be displayed as split number (current state, i.e. hold off following the Seagnoid’s suggestion) until such time as they are properly handled in all other statistics (e.g. mine don’t show up in “First cache by cache type” or “Most cache types in a day:”)
I agree with the Seagnoid: Lab caches should not be treated different from the other caches on the whole site.

I did not hunt any of those labs, but i have some friends running after them. I don't think they differ much from virtual caches, but maybe i am wrong.

But to come back to the wording: i don't like the labs to be treated specially.

E.g. no one would like a title that says "abc has 12345 finds on 345 unique geocaches plus 12000 Traditional caches" (an extreme example)
"On" is not needed. Where else would it be?
There are many cache listing services out there, @the Seagnoid. But "On" is wrong anyway, since has nothing to do with
Lab caches are different from other cache types, but they are another cache type and shoud be treated so. Not necessary tobe shown in the profil stats headline.

2 Answers

–1 vote

"StadsAlv has 5643 finds
(5643 unique caches, 34 labs)"

or something like that.
by StadsAlv (10.1k points)
That would, like said above, treat the labs different from the other caches.
–1 vote
And maybe a cosmetic change as well so all the headers are kept on "one line", instead of "LabCaches" being on a second line in the header ...
by destroj007 (1.0k points)
I agree (as long as it fits into one line, which it might not, on small screens like my laptop), but that's a comment, not an answer, hence the downvote.