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Not sure what changed or when but I noticed 2 items not working on the PGC web extension on Chrome. I happen to be running Chrome 53 on a Mac and a Win10 PC if that matters.  I'm not familiar with TamperMonkey and scripting in it but did some quick debugging/tweaking to try and resolve the situation.

The 2 items I noticed not working are hiding the disclaimer and collapsing the print/download section. Both issues seemed due to referencing #ctl00_divContentMain .  The options work properly when replacing #ctl00_divContentMain with #divContentMain in the 2 respective sections. 1 reference changed for the disclaimer and multiple references changed for the collapsing code.

I also noticed that there's a mixed content (http on https page) messages logged to the browser console for http references to . If I modify the userscript to reference https, it fails because maxcdn doesn't have a SSL cert or * SSL cert.

Any thoughts on the above? Someone else with Chrome see the same behavior?
in Bug reports by Team DEMP (1.4k points)
edited by Team DEMP
Doesn't work for me either on Vivaldi, but I guess that is the same issue, since it, as far as I understand, builds upon Chromium
Tonight I confirmed the issue exists on Firefox as well. References in the script should be changed from #ctl00_divContentMain to #divContentMain

I'm not sure of any adverse effects from the change but it seems to cause the 2 options (disclaimer & collapse download links to behave properly.
I just wanted to inform you that I have acknowledged and read this post. I will look into it the coming days.

PS! For those familiar with Git and JS, the script is open source and anyone is welcome to make push requests. If anyone has a great idea that would requires server side support at Project-GC, the suggestion is welcome as well.
I saw another individual recently updated the disclaimer code so I jumped into Git and submitted a request on the update of the Print/Download functionality.
@Team DEMP. Great, I have lost track of this a bit, currently working with other things.
I have an email in my inbox about your pull request, will take a look Monday/Tuesday.
I also updated it to show <5 latest log icons and it seems to work. Not overly elegant in the approach but it shows what we want.    I've not played with GitHub though I have multiple teams that do, so I'm not sure I did the changes/updates properly. If I botched things, let me know and I'll send along the source modifications.

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@Team DEMP

Merged in your two pushes today, they have also been synced into Greasyfork where the script is installed from. All users should get the updated version within 24 hours (with default settings in their web browsers).

Also thank you for fixing #25, it was almost 1.5 year old. :)

To be honest, I am not very familiar with Github either. I use git, but don't normally work with Github since I don't contribute to much open source. But to me, it seems like you did everything 100% correct. Took me a while to merge it since I went through the UI myself, and learned a bit. Surfoo has merged the other pulls. He has really helped out with the GM script. Me and "lillfiluren" made some concept code for the script, but we couldn't get it running with both Chrome and Firefox. Surfoo then offered his help to clean it up and make it work more properly. He also cleaned up the JS code a bit.

Anyway. There are still many issues left with the GM-script, and there are probably even more great things that could be created. I will therefore investigate if we can use to give something back to those willing to work on those issues. Right now the site is down so I couldn't investigate the costs right now. It won't make sense if they take half of the money, we of course want the majority to end up in the pocket of the developer.

We have used BountySource in the way that we have sponsored BorgBackup a bit. A backup solution that we started to use a few months ago. I discovered an issue which they fixed fairly fast. Since they have a few future ideas I really would like to be implemented we decided to throw in some money. It should help us in the long-run.

PS! Did you get an email notification when I merged your pull requests?

PPS! I will add 1 year of paid membership to your Project-GC account as a token of our appreciation.
by magma1447 (Admin) (240k points)
selected by Team DEMP
I received an email on the merge request. Catching up on a few critical work items and then I will check things out in detail. Not exactly sure the best way to use Github or if I should just start from scratch each time with a new clone of the project if I decide to any new changes.

I checked out a couple of outstanding items on Github and they were all enhancements that looked like they possibly needed some back end services. I will check things out further as time permits.   

Many thanks for the membership extension - very much appreciated!!
From my knowledge, it's best to work with a fork of the project. You should be able to update your fork with the latest code we have (though I don't know how). You can then continue to work in there and push commits as you did. But if you have colleagues that are more used to github, I am sure they can give you better information. As I mentioned, I am far from an expert on the topic.

If you are interested in attacking the issues that require server side changes in the PGC API, please create a ticket at and I will help you from there (easier to keep track if we have a ticket). Normally it's not very time consuming to create the server side changes, but there might be details we want to decide together.

I am quite sure that we will put some small bounties on the issues as soon as is up again. I read their FAQ (in github) to check how the costs works. For us (as project owners) there is no additional cost. If we give a $10 bounty to an issue, all those $10 goes to the one who fixes it. BUT, if that user wants to retrieve them, they have a 10% fee. If they are reinvested into other bountysourced projects, there is no fee. (What fees are there?)

So expect smaller bounties to be posted for the issues soon, they will be fairly small though. But I could also imagine that we attach a coupon code of membership to Project-GC for each issue, that coupon code can then be used/given away/sold.

We may very well increase the bounties by time after there has been discussions on what is actually needed and we realize that it's quite a lot of work. I haven't thought that part through yet. Most issues are vague in several ways, which is both good and bad. It leaves it up to the developer to do it as he/she wishes. But it also requires decision making.
[How do I update GitHub forked repository](

If there is anything "urgent", I guess I can put my hands on that too.
@Jakuje - I had read that article but I couldn't get it to work right for me. I'm using the UI though I have the git tools installed on both a Mac and Windows computer. I blew away my local repo and re-forked the project to me. I'll try those steps again after another update attempt. Thanks.