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I just noticed that in the stats on some modules are missing compared to the stats on The following modules are only shown on the latter:

  • Finds by degrees from home
  • Finds by distance from home
  • Finds by bearing
  • Average distance by bearing

Is there a reason for this or is this a bug?

And no, I have not deactivated these modules...

in Bug reports by tadaima (12.5k points)

2 Answers

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The first URL gives your public profile. The second URL points to the logged-in user's profile. To protect your privacy, the stats related to your home coordinates are hidden to the public.

I.e., when I click the first, I see your stats, and when i click the second I see mine, since I am logged in.

would say that this isn't a bug, but working as intended. It can be changed as well in the settings.

by StadsAlv (10.0k points)
selected by tadaima
+1 vote
There is a reason for those differences don't allow disclosure of the home coordinates.
The first stats are the public version that everyone can se.
The second one are only visible to you and include stats based om home coordinate. If all those stats were visible you could determine where someones has their home coordinates it,

Nearest cache found and Furthest cache found will give a reals exact position if you live where there are many caches of few houses

If I test that with my stats I will get approximate  700x10m area where they are.

If you save data and the Furthest cache changes with a new log you will know the coordinates within a small area. 10x10 meter if I am not mistaken. Intersection of two circles on the map and closest find to determine which intersection

If you would save the stats for new cachers it would be trivial to determine their coordinates because the Furthest cache will likely changes soon.

I suspect you could get high accuracy with the modules you have listed too but you would need write a program that looks for that.
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
Like I said in the comment above, you can change your settings to show these stats. I do this, but then again, my home coordinates are a bit off from where I live, on purpose.
Yes, if nearest and furthest caches are displayed it is surely possible to determine the home location. But if you know that someone has found e.g. 200 caches within a certain area or within a certain bearing, how will you determine the location from that information? This could be anywhere...
But nevertheless its good that home coordinate based stats are not displayed to the public.