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A little over a week ago I ran a Map Compare and added a series of filters to include a route.  Now, for some reason, every time I open Map Compare regardless of what new compares I have since completed, the page loads with all the old filters and settings for that one I did over a week ago, as if that specific compare has become my default somehow.

In the past, it always seemed that Map Compare would "remember" the setting used in you last compare so if you jumped out to setup a virtual gps or check some other page, then return to the map compare screen, you would not have to rebuild the compare from scratch because your last configuration was still there.

Anybody know what changed or how to "clear" this old set of filters?
in Support and help by Stewj (1.2k points)
I'm getting a mixture of filters - I think three different compares have been merged together.

There's a D/T filter which was probably the last one I used, a user who I compared to before that along with the "one found" being checked, and a custom filter that I hadn't used for about a week.
So today I opened Map Compare and it went from bad (but manageable) to worse.  Now the Map Compare page when opened only displays the box for a profile name and below it, an error message that looks like this:

{"errorMessage":"Unknown error"}

I'm sure this is the same error that user RPStew has been receiving for about a week now.

2 Answers

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After getting very frustrated with the loss my most valued page on Project-GC, I decided to try some old fashioned tricks to get my Map Compare page unlocked.  It became very obvious that it had nothing to do with my browser and everything to do with the filters that have seemed to become my default.  By simply adding a "?" to the MapCompare address line I was able to see the filters it was trying to load that were causing the "Unknown error".  I manually cleared those filters in the address line and sure enough, the map compare page loaded.  The page still loads with a long group of route filters that I used two weeks ago that have somehow become my default Map Compare page but for the time being, I guess that's just fine.  I can clear all those old filters each time and run a new compare.  That's an acceptable workaround just to get the compare to work again.

by Stewj (1.2k points)
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At least your Map Compares works.  I have been receiving "unknown errors" for the past two days and not able to run Map Compare at all.  Good luck with your question.
by RPStew (2.8k points)