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Favourite points - filter them by year received

+3 votes
It would be great if we could filter for Favourite points, then further filter to see when the FPs were received.....e.g. Total FPs 32 : 2016 - 0; 2015 - 2; 2014 - 10; 2013 - 20

This would tell me that the cache was good in 2013/14 but since then has deteriorated (or went missing and was replaced with a throwdown or by the owner but not a container like the original cache); or it's been copied so much that no one finds it interesting anymore.
asked Oct 26, 2016 in Feature requests by L0ne.R (520 points)

2 Answers

–1 vote
I don't think the FP have timestamps in Geocaching API. You can get amount of FP per cache, cachers favorite caches, but not the time when they gave the FP. The dates are not visible in the lists either:

Only possibility would be to interpolate the giving FP with logging found (the first? FI log), but it would be significant amount of work and re-calculation to get these data. Though I quite like this idea.
answered Oct 26, 2016 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
+3 votes
The FPs actually have a time-stamp, and this feature is available, sort of. It's more detailed, but not as easily read. Should give you the picture.

answered Oct 26, 2016 by StadsAlv (10,020 points)
Thank you. I'll bookmark this. What I'd love to see is a bar graph showing how many per year, but the line graph is quite nice. Thanks for letting me know that the feature exists and for the link to FPOverTime.