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0 votes

Just got an error message when I tried to change the filters. Can't use it right now because of this. What happened? All the filters are gone now and I cant search for any caches.

{"errorMessage":"Ok\u00e4nt fel"} in Swedish

{"errorMessage":"Unknown error"} in English

in Bug reports by Titanium (680 points)
reshown by Titanium

1 Answer

0 votes
Try writing a ? after the URL to show which filters are being loaded, and then remove most of them. I have a smilar issue, where map compare loads all kinds of old filters.

Your new URL might look like this

You might be able to add filters from there
by StadsAlv (10.0k points)
Thanks for the answer! I can now use it again after using your provided link. But when I choose it from the menu I still get the error message.
I have the same issue you have that old filters is still chosen even if I have removed them in my new search.
Hmm, now the menu link works again and no error. Same old filters still there though even if i search without them. Still there when i go in to Map compare again.