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+2 votes
I'm using an ad blocker (uBlock) but I don't mind disabling it for web sites I want to support. However, the site still tells me I'm using an ad blocker when I'm not. I've reloaded the site, even restarted the browser. Maybe it's some option I've ticked in the browser preferences (Firefox), but I don't think so. I have tracking protection, but that doesn't interfere with ads on other sites.
in Miscellaneous by kopfsalat2000 (140 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

Hmm. That was odd. I am using Firefox and AdBlock plus and I get no messages or warnings. I was about to report that as a something odd until I remembered that I probably have a good guess as to why: I am a paying member :)

May I recommend becoming a premium member of project-gc. There are a lot of member features that are especially useful if you, like me, do not have GSAK as your trusty companion.

If you wish to get an extra 2 months for the same price while giving me an extra 1 months membership, feel free to use this link when signing up ;)

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
Thanks. I usually like to support sites I use frequently, so I've signed up for the free trial to see what difference it makes. I'll use your link if I go premium after that :-)
0 votes
Tracking protection (at least Ghostery) is often detected as an ad blocker. My ad blocker however is often not :P
by thomfre (1.1k points)
Thanks, I'll keep an eye on that. I already thought that might be an issue.
0 votes
I am in France and I use Firefox too.

I have installed "AdBlock Plus" but I have not any message.

Maybe you could check your Firefox's module list !

Good luck in your searchs !
by Bigou13 (780 points)
Paying members doesn't get any ads.
–1 vote

I'm in France, I had a similar problem with firefox, I switched to Chrome and I have no worries ... I hope that this will help ...
translated by Google translator

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
Merci, mais j'aime trop mon renard ;-)