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Could you add an option on the membership purchase to buy a coupon code for membership please. When gifting membership to a user ideally you want to present it to them as a physical thing that they then go to the website and activate. eg: you print out the code and put it in a card as a physical gift.

At present I can only see an option to immediately gift membership. With the holiday period coming up being able to buy a membership coupon for friends would be a lovely gift to hand to them. Is this possible?
in Feature requests by ShammyLevva (Expert) (8.3k points)
Nice idea.. :-)

That's an interesting idea. And I would like to give someone a gift for Christmas in the envelope. Perhaps it would not be a problem and GS would have done a lot of joy to people.

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Agree, it not much use giving someone a present when they don't evern realise they have received it!
This sounds a great idea, particularly if there is an option for a very cheap (1-2 euro) coupon which could be put in a cache as a FTF prize.
Oh that's an even better use of it. A month's membership coupon as a FTF prize would be a great idea.
Good idea...
Excellent idea!
What a great idea
Great idea. I'd buy this as a gift as you can physically give it to someone, but not as it stands now where they don't know they've received it or who it's from.
I like this idea. Maybe some of the coupons could be a trackable in their own right? Just a thought
Making coupons trackable would just confuse the issue and is something outwith Project-GC's control. Producing codes that give membership time on the system is clearly something that is already implemented, although perhaps not on the scale envisaged.

I've had lots of private messages of support too from people who like the idea but for some reason aren't able to vote up the proposal. I think this could be a real money spinner for Project-GC as well as being great for those giving and receiving the gifts.
Brilliant idea!  Hope it happens :)
That would be a very good idea and probably a considerable source of revenue for project-gc.

If you do decide to implement this feature, _please_ consider to give it the same benefits that the referral system has today. Otherwise the feature will be somewhat undercut by the fact that you get a total of three months (1 for you, 2 for your friend = 3 total) _less_ by purchasing the membership as a gift instead of gifting the money and have the recipient purchase it using your referral code. If project-gc feels like rewarding getting new people recruited, who does the actual payment for it should be irrelevant - or am I missing something ?

EDIT: If you do decide to implement this feature, make sure that you provide the buyer with a nice printable-and-then-enclosable-in-an-envelope-under-a-tree-giftable PDF file :)

1 Answer

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This is actually a work in progress. I don't know if we will make it before christmas (I doubt it) and we are not really aiming for it either.

We do have a Project-GC shop in testing. I think this shop will be announced within a few days. Membership coupon codes are listed there, as a preview, as out of stock. The price set is temporary, so don't react on that when you see it.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by ShammyLevva (Expert)