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+11 votes
Is it possible for caches with a hidden date prior to May 2000 to be ignored in the table of Oldest caches found in Profile Stats?

In my view Oldest caches should be on the actual date hidden not on some fictitious date set by the cache owner. While it is impossible to determine which caches have fictitious hidden dates this change will at least eliminate the obvious ones.

>>>> edited date to May 2000
in Feature requests by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
edited by ChrisDen
Yes, that would be great. It would eliminate "errors" on the oldest Map. In Germany there are actually 11 caches that are "placed" before 2000.

Nonsense im my opinion..
The map for oldest caches has a hidden date filter. We try our best to not manipulate data in general. Crap data in, crap data out.
Profile stats tend to be an exception.
Surely you must mean "before May 2000"? There are caches that have legitimately been placed as soon as May of 2000.

2 Answers

+10 votes
For the specific module "Oldest caches found" in Profile stats we will add a requirement of >= 2000-05-01. You asked for 2001, but I assume you meant year 2000.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
To be exact, that should be >= 2000-05-03.
–3 votes

At this time, there is possibility to ignore special caches with such weird coordinates or dates (aka traveling caches). Not sure if it is by default already:

They are excluded from stats if you uncheck the checkbox in the profile stats settings:

> Use official ignore list for traveling geocaches  

If the caches are not in that list, it could be a good idea to add them or work with the owner to fix it.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
The list includes traveling and location-less caches only. I requested the list owner to include caches with false dates and he declined.