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0 votes
Since it seems our own boookmark lists should be accessible without making them public, is there a reason that they aren't?  I know from using a smartphone app like Cachly that it can read my own bookmark lists but it seems I need to make them "public" to access my own lists on Project GC.

Also, even after making the list public, it seems to take a while (hours?) before the list shows up on the Project GC Map Bookmarklist page -

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick not to make my own lists public and for them to show immediately on PGC?

in Support and help by Team DEMP (1.5k points)
edited by Team DEMP

3 Answers

+1 vote
We found exactly the same thing when we tried to use the Map Bookmarklist tool. We have two public bookmark lists and we could map those successfully using the tool. But our others are not shared and it appears that the tool can't see and use them. I'm sure admin will be able to answer more succinctly, but we don't think it is possible at this time.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
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There is no good reason. This was how it was implemented at first, it haven't been prioritize to change/correct that afterwards. So the reason comes down to one single thing, lack of time.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
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According to the FAQ the bookmark lists are read only once a day (, so this is the reason, why it takes some time until the lists appear on PGC.
by tadaima (12.5k points)
Where do you see that bookmark lists are read only once a day? When I go to the FAQ and search on "bookmark" the only hit is related to a specific FTF list. When I search on "list" I get a few more hints but nothing about the list in question.
It is mentioned in the context of the FTFs so it is most probably not related to the bookmark lists generally.
The reason is likely because the result of the get bookmark api cache is caches.
If that is the case it will only contain new data when the timeout for the cached data is reached.
If you first create a list with correct public value etc on and then uses the bookmark function on pgc you will likely get a an updated list directly. That is if no one has tried to get your bookmarklist on pgc so recently that the timeout has not occurred on the last fetch.

I suspect it would be an good idea to reduce the cache time for result like that.
There is a workaround  the GUID for the bookmarklist is in the URL to the web pages on pgc. Use the function on pgc with another bookmarklist and then change the GUID to the one for the correct list on you can use that list even if pgc dont find it the gui on that page
Ah - yes. I read it that your FTF info would only be processed once a day after the list is updated. I'd expect the list of Bookmark lists to be read and accessed thru the Live API. I'd expect my own lists to not need to be public/shared but that other cachers would need to be. I know Cachly can load all my bookmark lists without them being marked as public/shared.
Target - Your suggestion above is valid and once marked as Public, you can replace a bookmark GUID on PGC with the new GUID for the list and it will display. So that's half the battle but still seems odd they are caching for what seems like 24 hours or more.

BUT, it still seems unnecessary that for my OWN bookmark lists that I need to make them public for PGC to map them. It shouldn't be necessary.