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+4 votes
In my PGC stats it says I have found 7 Lab caches. When I found them I deleted them from's page afterwards. Over a week has gone since then and they are still listed in the LabCaches tab here on PGC. How can I get rid of them from the list as I don't want them to be counted?

Maybee the time it updates takes a bit longer and they will eventually disappear?
in Support and help by Titanium (700 points)
It is probably not the most common use case to delete found Lab caches. You can try to refresh your number of finds and finds in the Support -> Self Support, which might help.
Thanks for the reply! I will try it.

The reason why I delete them after I have found them is that I don't consider them as "real" caches. Because they don't have a logbook and you can't write a log on about that specific lab.

If you delete them they are still visible in a list of it's own on the lab cache page. But they don't count as found anymore on in the statistics. I do this as although I don't want them as counted, I still want them to be in the history list of found lab caches. Hope you understand what i mean.

2 Answers

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Lab caches works in a very special way for us, using a custom API that has been created for us. This could very well be a bug in that API. We will investigate this dugin the next lab cache phase.

The next phase will focus on implementing them into the Profile stats. We will then double check the data for your account to see where the issue is. It could very well be that we didn't think about that fact that they can actually be deleted.
by magma1447 (Admin) (239k points)
selected by Titanium
Thanks for the reply!

Ok, hopefully they will disappear then when you do that check. Great work!
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As it is a lab cache, it is not going to be found again probably so it could be 90 days, as this is the time given for if there are no new ligs on thr cache, instead of just one month, and as you said you had left a week then it might not have been updated at all!
by Moore4us (4.8k points)