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I am working on what might end up as a challenge cache, but for now is just a personal challenge.  I am trying to find the oldest cache in each county in Illinois.  Right now, I have most of them in one database.  BUT, I am still missing caches in 24 counties for Illinois.  So, my questions are as follows:

1 - Can I use a function of project-gc to give me the oldest caches in each of these particular counties?  I played with the map compare function, but I am hoping to find an easier method.

2 - I also used the PQ splitter to see what it would take to get all of the caches in Illinois.  I used that to get the majority of the caches currently active in Illinois, but I am still trying to find a faster & easier way to do this other than run another 30 or so PQs.

3 - I saw that I can set up a trial period for a full account.  I may do that to try this out.  I certainly like what I have seen so far.  I assume that this would allow me to use the map counties feature.  Is this correct?

Thanks all!.
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in Support and help by Siamese Retriever (220 points)

2 Answers

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You could use, like sumbloke said, the NESW/Oldest tool. There you can select USA and Illinois, And then you also can select each county in IL (i don't know what happens if you select them all, but i think it would be the same as if you select none of them (like i did on the screenshot). I would assume you have to select every single county at once. (blue boxes on the screenshot)

You  will get a map with the caches most north, east,south and west, and the oldest. Plus, there is a list below the map, where you can select the oldest caches. (red circle)

You could then easily add them to you virtual GPS (select the right list BEFORE you run the NESW/Oldest tool!) (orange circles)

With the number of rounds you can select, how many caches you want to see. In my selection you see the 2 oldest caches in the list. (green box)

I made a screenshot, where you can see what you can do. I hope it helps.

by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
selected by Siamese Retriever
Thanks for the screenshot.  The "loop" feature did most of what I wanted.  I bumped it up to 4 oldest so I could filter out virtuals and ECs.  It would be nice to add that as a filter.
With the Add filter box you can add a type/size filter. It's 2:30 am here and I am very tired, but I think that solves your "type problem".
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I would go with the Map NESW/Oldest tool to try to find the oldest caches. That is also a paying member function. The Map Counties tool gives you all the caches, but not in a list so you'd have to check each one or add them to a VGPS.

For your second question, I gather that you're wanting to download GPX files for all of the caches? You might want to try the VGPS if you do take out paying membership. I believe you can generate GPX files of up to 10,000 caches per day.

The trial period should (in theory, I'm not an expert on the back-end stuff) give you access to anything you would get if you paid for membership, including Map Counties, VGPS and Map NESW/Oldest.
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)