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Every time that I want to use a VGPS I am focused on the caches involved - I go to the map, select the caches and... I forgot to select the correct VGPS, or I need to create a new one. So I do that, then I have to re-select my caches all over again.

Could we have a drop down beside the VGPS in the top menu to select which VGPS file to use, with "Create new" as an entry, which presents the current VGPS create new pop-up, and "Manage" which returns the current VGPS page. This does mean the page needs to be redrawn in order for the top menu to show the updated selected VGPS, which means I lose my selected caches :-( . A better solution is to update the top menu without redrawing the page, but I suspect that involves a major rewrite of the top menu code.

Low priority request. Integrating lab caches is more important!


in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)
Maybe there can another feature be implemented: to move caches between vGPS-lists. So that one can move the falsely added caches to the correct list.
Nice idea NoobNader, but some of my VGPS have over 100 caches - finding the wrongly added caches would be too hard. It would be easier to empty the VGPS and rebuild them. I have never added caches to the wrong VGPS file.
Well , as my vGPS lists rarely contain  more than 40-60 caches i did not see that point. But nevertheless would it be cool to have this feature. Could be useful not only for "wrong" caches..
An excellent idea it's frustrating to be mid selecting then realise you forgot to change the currently selected vGPS list. I have worked around it by opening a new window then selecting the right one that usually works but not reliably. It would make so much more sense to do as you suggest and have the button at the top showing the current vGPS be a drop down list.
I agree, I have the same issues. The VGPS selector should really be ajax driven. I really hope it will be some day.
I like NoobNader's idea too; such would also make sense for copying Caches from one VGPS to another VGPS/one of mine - maybe also one shared from another person, I don't want to change.

2 Answers

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I'm using another way around it since I've found the Web browser extension. I'm mostly interested in unknowns and often opens or work in the GC cachedescription while choosing caches for the vGPS-lists. Then I can choose vGPS from the GC cacheside in dropdownlist. But when I don't want to watch the description or just mapping caches in PGC  I use the same way as described in the comments above. Opening a new window and change the current vGPS before I choose.
by Newtommon (2.9k points)
selected by the Seagnoid (Expert)
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FR: (english here after)
J'ai lu une solution de contournement sur ce site:
- Ouvrez une nouvelle fenêtre / onglet dans la même instance de votre navigateur,
- Sélectionnez le VGPS que vous voulez dans cette nouvelle fenetre
- Revenez à la fenêtre initiale où sont les caches à ajouter à votre vGPS faite un ajout
Le nom du vGPS ne change pas à l'écran, mais c'est bien dans ce nouveau vGPS que vous réalisez l'ajout
Suis-je clair?

I read a work around on this site:
- Open a new window in same instance of your browser,
- select the vGPS you want
- and come back to the initial window where you have cache to add to your vGPS
even the name doesn't show changed, you add them on the new selected vGPS
Am i clear?

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by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
I use this work around too, and although it works, it is a terrible solution as there is no certainty about my actions.
Ganja's is the best answer, but he only made it a comment.