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–5 votes
I have visited some lab caches on the last Sunday (the day of a megaevent), but logged them online on Monday, the day after. Now does count those geocaches for the Monday date, which I feel is not optimal, and I cannot fix it there. Would it be possible to set the found date of lab caches so that it corresponds with the physical visit of the location? Either manually, or for one lab caches even automatically.
in Feature requests by Kub4 (830 points)
I think that is a problem since you cant set the date for lab caches and they cant be changed. They are included in som stats there if i am not mistaken. and if fixed on pgc they will differ.
That is the whole point of the request, fix what is not fixed on (and is unlikely to be fixed there, as they are not very flexible).
Well, the problem is: if they change it here, the data would not be updated on and so the statistics for those lab caches would be different on the websites.
I don't think, that it will be implemented here until it is fixed on
All the lab-cache related statistics are already completely different (eg resulting milestones, daily counts and probably also streaks and so on), so the differences in data are not a problem. If it is different, why not make it at least right? For one day events, it would be a trivial change.

1 Answer

+1 vote
You can change the log date, which you can do from the list of your found logs, and then use the self-support system to correct it on here.
by Moore4us (4.8k points)