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We are about to enter 2017, and since I completed my last geocaching goal for 2016 as listed on today, I started thinking about how I want to change my geocaching next year to make it better and more fun than last year. Last year I had a couple of goals that required me to continously make finds of certain types or quantities each month. This got tiring, so I won't do anything like that this year.

I started working on two local challenges last year that I want to finish:

  • Complete a challenge that requires five finds on each calendar date. I need to add finds to 40 dates, at most two on each day. [2017-04-23: Done]
  • Try to complete a challenge that requires five finds of each D/T combination. The problem here is mostly that not all the needed caches are available locally.

Apart from that, I've come up with a couple of other goals that I'll try to reach:

  • Log all active caches in my region that were active when I started geocaching. Since I started geocaching way back in 2004 there are not that many left that I haven't already found but there are a couple of dozen. On the other hand, they are pretty well spread over the region.
  • Publish another cache that has at least 50% FP at the end of the year (I currently own 5, but 3 of them are adopted). [2017-08-16: A wherigo I published in April is currently at 56%, so looking good]
  • Publish another wherigo cache (I've only published one which is very simple). [2017-04-10: Done]

What do you want to do during to 2017 to make it a better year than 2016?

in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
edited by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
This year, I want to find more earthcaches. I really like well done earthcaches. And, of course, I have to end the matrix ;).
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This year I will improve my tree and climbing attributs. My goal is to log even more challenges.
We have already found almost twice as many caches this year, over 3100.
We are working on finishing our Jasmer and DT matrix.
We are working towards getting the next shade of green for our daily caches (11 or more /day) This will take a full year from now at least.
We are currently on a 530 day streak.
Not too bad for only 2 years caching. I guess we are obsessed!!

53 Answers

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I just got back into Geocaching and discovered project-GC. Currently, My goals are
1) Get 5 Ruby badges, probably from the following: Large, Letterbox, Wherigo, Event Host,  Diverse, Earth, Virtual, Daily
2) Push any of the above up toward Diamond
3) Get my orange belt. Green if I can
4) Add at least 2 states, hopefully 5
5) Hide one of each type and size of cache
6) Get at least 100 calendar days and hopefully 100 days in a row
by Patch27 (170 points)
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I'm not sure if it'll be better, because I'm trying to concentrate more on quality than quantity ;-) In 2016 I've found two caches higher than 4000 metres above sea level and I'm not sure if I'll ever do it anymore :-D But in this year I would like to visit more new places where I don't have cache and I would like to place somewhere my own box. So my goal will be probably do the best for my own cache.
by Azeret6 (830 points)
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My goal this year is to get out 2-3 caches that are realy well done.
by PA82 (150 points)
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Today 04/03/2017 I have 406 finds.

My target is pass the 1000 finds before the end of 2017

by GeoPatinha (150 points)
0 votes
Just have fun to be outside and visit some new countries
by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)
0 votes
Diamond Badge - the calendar Cacher

Rubin Badge - the letterboxer

Rubin Badge - the photogenic Cacher

Rubin Badge - the Matrix Cacher
by Geoheimniskrämer (360 points)
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This year I will improve my tree and climbing attributs. My goal is to log even more challenges.
by egravraa (380 points)
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For the moment, I have 279 finds.

- I want to pass the 750 finds before 2018

- Get more badges and a better belt

- Find my first Earthcache, Wherigo and why not participate in an event
by Paquitovic (840 points)
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I don't have so much founds at the moment, only 1500, but with not so much time to dedicate to geocaching it's quite normal.
I have found, more or less, about 500 caches/year till now but I had more time, now I have to plan in advance my finds!
So, for this year, I will try to:

  • Find a cache every day for 366 days long.
  • Complete D/T table
  • Place my #200 cache
by Lord Yoruno (310 points)
0 votes
First I want to have fun and look forward to explore new places... but of course also a little bit statistics ... I try to fill my Tradi- D/T Matrix, there are only some combinations left... i want to find one with more than 3500m altitude, hope that will work out in August and last but not least i would like to organize my trips that way, that i do have enough time for doing earth caches, virtuals an webcam-caches :-)
by (1.2k points)
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Our goal for this year is to learn how to program a wherigo-cache and place some of them. willi wants to do a few crazy trips in europe with caching friends, too. All in all we want to spent time with our child outside while caching.
by willi&trine (2.2k points)
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I have set myself several targets for this year - all as a result of finding various tables on PGC smiley

for example 

Find a Multi cache on every day of the year (not as streak - just filling in the days)
Find an Unknown cache on every day of the year
Find a Micro cache on every day of the year 
Find 5 Trads on every day of the year 
Find 10 caches on every day of the year  

using the 'needed found dates' tool in the 'tools' 'other' menu - this has helped me to identify the gaps and from that have created a table to fulfill all 5 of the above which will complete this December laugh

I also want to complete D/T 10 times too - that may take a little longer wink

Tim - ddm

by Deepdiggingmole (13.1k points)
0 votes
This year my goal was to get to 2000 finds, get 2000 Trackable finds, find more caches than my previous two years of caching combined, attend a mega and to place 20 new caches. Happy to say all achieved. Looking forward to a bigger 2018
by DARKSIDEDAN (3.7k points)