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+2 votes
Not sure if it's a bug for Project-GC or rather Badgegen... My "The Calendar Cacher" badge hasn't changed for a long time (stuck on 723 days and 9 days left). At the same time, for example "Vallafrun" has a count of 4020 days (11 years!) even if she started caching 4 years ago...? How does this badge work?
in Support and help by Odberger (160 points)
recategorized by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
Moved this to support and help; it is not a bug.

1 Answer

+2 votes
The badge shows how filled your calendar is, not how long streak you have. If a new cacher starts logging five cacher each day (and this is a leap year), then after a year they will have a one-year streak (which is the badge The Daily Cacher) but a x5 badge for The Calendar Cacher.

In your case, you have filled all dates in your calendar with at least one find (giving a diamond Calendar badge). Then you have 357 dates with at least two finds (357+366 = 723). Once you make a second log on the remaining nine dates (2017-02-02, 2017-02-04, 2017-02-05, 2017-02-08, 2017-02-20, 2017-02-26, 2017-03-20, 2017-03-21, and 2017-03-30), you will get a x2 badge here.

Thus, Vallafrun apparently has logged at least 10 caches on each calendar date, and is missing 6 dates to get 11. The badge system stops at x9, though, so x9 really means "times nine or more" (which is true for all badges that can be looped).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
Thank you for the quick answer! Now I understand how it works :-)