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0 votes
We are wanting to check to see if there is a cheacker for GC40H4b? A challenge for DNF's.

Thank you

J&J Team Yukon
in Support and help by J&J Team Yukon (140 points)
a DNF-Challenge ... what an idea ... ?!? ;-)
There is a challenge based on "avenging" DNFs.  Your personal statistics on will let you know how many DNFs you have logged.  Then each cache will update to that golden smiley face when you actually avenge yourself and find it.  I have completed a cache or two under the old challenge system that included this.  It was actually fun going back to find the caches that I had to DNF before they were archived.  Some of them were in high muggle zones so I had to "watch" the cache and then respond quickly when the cache owner replaced them.

2 Answers

+2 votes
You can not have a DNF (challenge) checker for the simple reason that no data on DNF is available. The data for the checkers must be a find entry and a DNF is a note as log entry.

The other thing is that according to the guidelines a challenge criteria must be positive and require that a geocaching goal is achieved. A DNF log is seen as a negative achievement and therefor not acceptable.:
by vogelbird (Expert) (55.0k points)
Also technically you could log a DNF without actually trying to find the cache... I know it goes against geocaching etiquette but just saying... :-)
There are grandfathered challenge caches regarding DNFs.
But you could just as easily log armchair caches for the smiley.
0 votes
Checker requests should be posted in this forum:
by tadaima (12.5k points)
One issue is that it's difficult for users to find that forum. I've requested that better links could be provided on this page.