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At I opened one of my bookmark-lists. After installing the Greasemonkey add on, there appeared a new button:  "Map This!". After clicking that "Map This!" - button i was sent to the project-gc site, a formular opened where my username and my ownername was already set, but only one of my bookmarlists was to be seen. Then i clicked the "get lists" button on the right side, but nothing happend ... i expected to get now all my lists here to choose one and get a map with the caches which are in the selected list... can anybody help me, where is my mistake ?

thanks a lot :-)
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2 Answers

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Most probably, you created the bookmark list recently, or it is not shared. At this moment, there is a limitation that you can map only shared/public bookmarklist on PGC.

Disclaimer: I am the author of this feature in the script, so in any questions or ideas to improvement, feel free to ask.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
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ok, thx, thats the problem, the list i wanted to use is not shared, now i understand...
would be great if this will function also with unshared/private lisr, thank you for your answer
Yes, but that is a problem on the server side and ganja1447 (admin) didn't have time to do that (low priority).
I could simply hide the link from that page, but having more users wanting this feature can bring the attention this feature and make it happen :)
ok guys, anybody, who is interested...? ;-)
a good feature i think, hope that more cachers ask for it... always start a new PQ from the bookmark list to have this feature is possible but who wants that...
thx again
I would be very interested in that feature as well...
However, I can't map my shared lists (as I understand it, it should be possible for shared?). Is it only possible for public?
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I've been following this, because I thought I can tell you the solution. But now I have the same problem. Strange - a bug?
by Sportsofa (2.3k points)