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Thank you Project-GC

+16 votes
A huge thank you to the entire team at Project-GC for everything you folks do.  For the Geocaching community this is a great tool especially for those folks that cannot run GSAK due to platform issues.  Keep up the great work and know that your efforts are much appreciated.
asked Jan 1 in Miscellaneous by RPStew (2,530 points)
Yes, thank you to all of you! Your site is a great collection of resources for geocaching.
I agree - I have just paid for another 3 years I am that pleased :-)

15 Answers

+5 votes
Yes. I want to thank the whole team again for this marvellous website.
answered Jan 1 by NoobNader (15,020 points)
+4 votes
Thank you for a great year 2016 - all the best fo 2017
answered Jan 1 by Sportsofa (2,170 points)
+6 votes
Indeed, many thanks for this great site! We are now into our second year as paying members, and it's worth every penny! Looking forward to using all of its useful features in 2017, and probably discovering some we haven't even found yet!
answered Jan 2 by GCZ Team (6,910 points)
+6 votes
Best answer
Using a  GSAK on a Mac via Bootcamp was a bit tedious and painful for me. Project-GC  freed up my time to solve puzzles instead! Thank you!
answered Jan 6 by JS&SV (860 points)
selected Apr 30 by RPStew
+4 votes
I agree with all of the previous replies. Cant believe I waited to be a paying member. Totally worth it!

Thanks guys!!!
answered Jan 6 by NSCR (3,570 points)
+5 votes
Also from me a heartfelt thanks to the entire team of Project-GC! Keep up the good work and have a good and successful new year!
answered Jan 8 by Eismann77 (700 points)
+5 votes
I must thank GC Project too... may be the most useful tool to practice GC with c:geo.

A big up for all the team !
answered Jan 13 by DaneteYaourth (2,430 points)
+5 votes
Yes indeed, Thank You for keeping this site up and running, don't know what I'd do without it!
answered Jan 13 by Mike Fitz (2,760 points)
+3 votes
We have to say Thank you, too. The website is so great!
answered Apr 24 by willi&trine (2,050 points)
+3 votes

Big thank you to GC Project too

answered Apr 25 by drobec (3,090 points)
+2 votes
I keep GSAK, but most of the time link to project-gc for the on-line view and many functioanlities above, thanks!
answered Apr 27 by Pepegeo (5,890 points)
+2 votes
Despite people having in mind that the stats have to be 'immediate' I really appreciate the regularity of reports and the reactivity by community or experts in this Q&A. Thanks for having integrated all stats from GSAK that require me lot of time in the past! Thanks to GSAK owner & community too, for paving the way to real statistics (never delivered by, for the great help few years ago and the same reactivity
answered Apr 29 by Pepegeo (5,890 points)
+2 votes

I also like it a lot!  smiley

answered May 2 by tadaima (10,610 points)
0 votes
This is my (and probably many other Geocachers) favourite Geocaching website! Thanks to all who have helped make it what it is today.
answered Jun 16 by Potatonator (8,830 points)
0 votes
Project GC ist super. Arbeite mittlerweile unsere Touren fast nur noch hierüber aus (z.B. Suchen nach Caches mit %-hohen FP) und die Möglichkeit die GPX-Dateien mit über eine Bookmarkliste zu übernehmen und umgekehrt.
answered Jun 16 by The4Hasards (1,660 points)