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FTF on an event cache???

+6 votes
I've been looking around at stats in a number of different sections.(I'm off work and have a lot of spare time and cant actually cache much).

I've noticed that there are a number of geocachers that have made a FTF claim for event caches (MEGA, CITO and standard Events)... Is this normal? I've always thought that you cant really claim a FTF for an event.

You're opinions are more than welcome
asked Jan 6, 2017 in Miscellaneous by NSCR (4,540 points)
I personally think that FTF's on an event cache should not be judged by whoever is first to log it on the website.
FTF is very inappropriate for events. It's good that it's not done.

27 Answers

0 votes

I don't see any problem with FTF on an event cache, but... everybody knows time when the event starts so it can happens that FTF hunters start coming to events earlier and earlier. On other side - it is not so long I've been on event organised by travelling cachers and I was there only one (owners came 20 minutes after even starts) so in this case was that FTF,STF,TTF... everythingsmiley

answered Dec 10, 2017 by drobec (4,470 points)
I don't think so. Why FTF on a Event? By the most of my Events I'm the first. Why should I log FTF? It's an Event. I don't want a FTF at events.
+1 vote
I've been first on several CITO's and M&G's already. But I haven't placed an FTF on any of them.
Because in a way it wouldn't make sense...
answered Jan 24, 2018 by Sportilicious (1,930 points)
0 votes
In my opinion a FTF at an event makes no sense, because you should meet with other cachers and have fun! Even though I was first there several times, I have never logged an FTF at an event. But everyone as he wants.
answered Jan 25, 2018 by spagg68 (1,140 points)
0 votes
Es gibt einige seltsame Dinge die gerade im Bereich der Geocaching-Statistik auf die Spitze getrieben werden. Das scheint dann eine neue (?) Art zu sein, an einen FTF zu kommen. In unserer Gegend ist das glücklicherweise noch nicht der Fall gewesen. Wenn ein Teilnehmer von unseren Events einen FTF darauf loggen würde, so würden wir diesen löschen.

Dafür werden oftmals Geocaches anlässlich eines Events veröffentlicht. Da können sich die Event-Teilnehmer gerne um den FTF bemühen.

Einen FTF für ein Event  - ein no go für uns.

Google Translation:

There are some weird things that are being taken to the extreme in geocaching statistics. That seems to be a new (?) Way to get to a FTF. Fortunately, this has not been the case in our area. If a participant of our events would log an FTF on it, we would delete it.

Geocaches are often published on the occasion of an event. Since the event participants like to strive for the FTF.

FTF for an event - a no go for us.
answered Jan 27, 2018 by The4Hasards (3,150 points)
0 votes
First of all I would like to write, that I myself also had a foulish time and logged some Events as an FTF.

I did that, because I wanted to get as much FTF as I could manage....

After some thoughts and in fact of getting a little bit wiser I deleted all the "wrong" Logs that I did.

I also have to tell you, that the FTF - obsession made me do logs with the congratulation on an FTF, when I was a little to late for the real FTF....

Nowadays I don't do such things and I also deleted all the wrong Logs.

But the game sometimes rises one to do such special things =)

But now I only enjoy it and feel free to go on the hunt for real FTF's

All the Best to you and good luck for the next hunt!
answered Jan 27, 2018 by glastiger_and_family (450 points)
edited Jan 28, 2018 by glastiger_and_family
0 votes
I realize this is an old question, but no, FTF on events is ridiculous.

Being first to fond on a hidden object can be difficult.  There's no geotrail, there's no sign that people have stood on a particular patch of leaves or grass, and there is no reassurance that other people before you have located it.  Normally it's a little exciting for me if I'm first, so there's a little bit of a rush to it as well.

But what on earth is the challenge that is overcome to log "first to find" at an event?  First person to find the restaurant, which existed well before the event?  First person to sign the log when the event host finally remembers to put out a piece of paper?  First person to ignore the others at the event and log a find on their phone rather than socialize, which is the entire point of the event?  First person to inexplicably show up two hours before the event starts and then just hang out among a bunch of empty tables?

No, thank you.  FTF on events sounds desperate and sad.
answered Jan 28, 2018 by hzoi (7,640 points)
0 votes
IMHO this is not normal.

I never logged FTF on MEGA, even when I logged first the lab caches. There is a leaderboard.

I never logged FTF on CITO, even when I picked up much trash.

I never logged FTF on events. You can't log it when you come first. This is just stupid.

When event is a race and you win, you can be proud of yourself. But there is not a reason to log FTF!
answered Jan 29, 2018 by hynous (3,000 points)