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Challenge Checker - map, missing 'target="_blank"' attribute

+1 vote

There is small, but annoying, bug in Challenge Checkers map. If you create a map with challenges and select one of results, there is tooltip opened with the cache details (name, coords, checkers, ...).

All the links in the tooltip have target="_blank" attribute besides "Checkers: XXX" link. So everytime you want to see the checker and keep your map open, you need to left-click it and select new window.

<a target="_blank" href="/Challenges/GC57VMQ/470">470</a> is a solution that keeps window behaviour consistent.



Mikolaj 赏月者
asked Nov 21, 2014 in Bug reports by 赏月者 (2,310 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Not sure about the technical solution, but definitely the checker should open in a new window to avoid reloading the map again afterwards


answered Nov 29, 2014 by DerLakaiMS (6,680 points)
0 votes
Just reproduced it: if you cklick the checker link, it opens in the same window, not in a new one.
answered Nov 29, 2014 by DrHool (3,360 points)