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The use I was running it for is 'salz69'.  Thanks!
in Bug reports by sgauss (150 points)
Yes, it does. Please, contact the script author, who can work on some optimizations for the script.
Can I contact him through project-gc?  How do I do that?
Either using project-gc or just normal email/message through Geocaching:
It is easy to verify this challenge just by looking at the users profile: 65/66 attributes found, only 'partnership cache' attribute is missing.
The owner of the challenge cache requires a list of unique caches, and will delete logs if a list isn't included :(
Thanks!  Message sent.
And it it tagged incorrect if unique caches is required. Look at the config.
If you run it on me you  will see a cache used twice.
But when I look at the cache listing I cant find any requirement for unique caches. If it is a requirement it should be obvious.

The checker problem is likely because the checker runs out of memory or time because of the 88000+ find.
Even if the result is not perfect, it's much better than making this list by hand.  The cache is:, and the CO is enforcing the uniqueness requirement.
Then you are using a wrong checker. For that cache, there are and (where the first one does not list the caches and the second one fails too)

1 Answer

–1 vote
Check out easy to go and verify ...
by AR-Team (630 points)