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+2 votes
My profil stats say I got 485 FPs from other geocachers. I manually checked this sum and according to it is "just" 467 FPs.

I am wondering what is responsible for this difference. I found no info in the FAQs or in previous threads of this support system.

My guesses would include FPs which were/are awarded to geocaches I owned once but now are adopted by someone else or FPs which were withdrawn (mostly due to archieving the cache).

Does anyone know someting about this issue?

Thanks and a have nice monday (if such a thing exists)

closed with the note: Matter resolved.
in Support and help by Jupp_Nümms (330 points)
closed by Jupp_Nümms

4 Answers

+2 votes

Please bear with me pinkunicorn but this would only explain if St. Jocosa had fewer FPs here than on while it is the other way round.

I could see two reasons (there may be more):

- as already suggested, caches adopted by so else may be counted differently;

- it may happen that people withdrew their FPs from archived caches to re-award them, whcih also may be counted differently.

In both cases, handling of once-given FPs could differ, right?

by Domino_67 (6.8k points)
+1 vote
Was this total presented somewhere on GC that I couldn't find, or was it just you adding up the FPs on your caches?

I got the data about your hides from both PGC and GC and put them into a spreadsheet. The PGC ones add up to 488 (which is also the total PGC reports) and the GC ones add up to 494. The differences are on GC6Y481 (3 FPs), GC60R9G (2FPs) and GC6R75E (1 FP)
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
Ah, there it is! Thanks for your input!
0 votes
I suspect that the difference is that some of these favorite points have been awarded some time after the log was written. If we have read and processed the log before the FP is added, it will then take until the next time that cache is refreshed (which is probably the next time the cache is logged) before we see that FP.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
Wouldn't that mean that the count here should be lower than the one on due to some FPs which were awarded there but did not arrive here yet?

But it's the other way around...
And today is Monday morning so I apparently can't read. You're right, there must be something else going on.
–2 votes
I just checked: A friend of mine adopted three of my geocaches with a total of only 3 FPs, so that would not account for a difference of nearly 20 FPs...
by Jupp_Nümms (330 points)