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+4 votes
Sometimes it is useful to look for caches that contain different attributes. At this time of year it is partly very appropriate to search for caches that are available in winter. Is this a feature that it is possible to develop?
in Feature requests by ArvLill (350 points)

3 Answers

+9 votes
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It is already possible to search for caches that have (or don't have) specific attributes. To do this, you need to use Custom Filters (found under the menu with your username on it, in the far right end of the menu). Custom Filters are only available for paying members of Project-GC.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)
selected by ArvLill
Thank you,
WHY??? why is that so hidden? I never would heve looked there.
Anyway. Thanks
0 votes

I find this question very interesting because precisely, it is our challenge of the month in the local association of brittany in france!
I tried to see in the custom filter menu, in the hurdles tab, in maps, in caches not found, but there is no specific attribute proposal to select ???

traduit du francais par google :

je trouve cette question trés interessante car justement, c'est notre défi du mois dans l'association locale de bretagne en france !

j'ai essayé de voir dans le menu de filtre personalisé, dans onglet ouril, dans cartes, dans caches non trouvées, mais il n'y a pas de proposition d'attribut spécifique a sélectionner ???

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
Some instructions if you can't figure it out:

Go to Custom Filters
Create a new filter
Add a statement
Click on the Attributes tab
Select the attributes. The Yes/No/Not chosen radio buttons are for positive, negative and missing attributes. The filter will apply all attributes chosen, you can't look for, for example, tree climbing OR swimming
Click on "Add as required", then "Add to filter"
Do a Map Compare or similar with the custom filter chosen
0 votes
If you are not a paying member at PGC, there is a different way to get them as well (although you have to be a GC paying member). You can create a Pocket Query my selecting 'all caches I haven't found', specify a country or region and select the attribute you are looking for. Note that selecting more than one attribute results only in caches that include ALL of them, so to search for your last missing attributes, you need to run the query once for everyone of them. By double clicking an attribute, you can select the negative variant of that attribute, if available. The second list of attributes in your PQ is only for searching for caches that DO NOT include a certain attribute, so if you're looking for your missing ones, this option is not very useful.
by Pihoqahiak (3.0k points)