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+9 votes

I'm curious what paper magazines about geocaching there are. I'm aware of the following:

  • Geocaching Magazin (German):
    Published since 2010, full color, A4, 70-80 pages per issue. I've read the last year or so and like it this far. Each issue has news, reviews, in-depth coverage of caching in some city, travel coverage, cache of the month, LP stories and much more.
  • Nullpunktet (Norwegian):
    Published since January 2015, full color, A4. I've only seen the first issue which felt decent but not quite off the ground yet. Now, two years later, I am waiting for my subscription to start with the upcoming issue (which also has an article by me ;).
  • FTF Geocacher Magazine (English):
    I haven't actually seen this, but I know it's been published for a while.

What other magazines about geocaching are published out there?

in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (169k points)
In the german Geocaching Magazin, they post a TB-Code to discover in each issue.

7 Answers

+1 vote
There is a gocacher magazine (German) as well which is offered for EUR 12,50 per year while the autumn 2016 issue (issue #10) seems to be free of charge.

I have not seen a hardcopy to date I have to admit.
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)
It is printed in DIN A5 format, full color. Had some here.
+1 vote
In Slovakia is magazine Publish (in slovak language). There is 6 issues per year each for 4,90 EUR. See or direct link where is magazine described
by drobec (4.5k points)
+1 vote

I subscribe to UK Cache Mag ( for (mainly) UK and Ireland based caching, which comes out about every two months. There's some good articles about specific caches in there, and also a guide for beginners.

by Optimist on the run (Expert) (18.5k points)
0 votes
Hier in Belgien gibt es nur das Deutsche Geocaching Magazin und in jeder Ausgabe ein TB zum Discovern.

Ich habe diese Zeitung schon Jahre als Abo und bekomme zusätzlich immer wieder günstige Tools Angebote von Geocaching Magazin Team.

Seit gegrüßt aus Belgien


Here in Belgium there is only the German Geocaching magazine and in every issue a TB for the Discovern.

I have this newspaper already years as an Abo and get additionally again and again favorable tools offers by Geocaching magazine team.

Greetings from Belgium

by Minos2003 (4.8k points)
–2 votes
In Czech Republic
by Sportsofa (2.3k points)
it is only electronic magazine, question was about paper magazines....
–2 votes
I think in my country is no paper magazine... is there any possibility to buy chepaer version of any magazine as pdf and then to print it myself?
by Azeret6 (830 points)
this does not look like an answer. If you are interested in some specific newspaper, please comment on that particular answer or on the original question.
–3 votes

I do not know a magazine in france ... however there are several regional association internet blogs that have several post on several subjects of geocaching ...
And my opinion is that it is necessary to limit the paper publications to protect the drill of amazonia devastated for newspapers paper and advertisements paper
But I still put a positive vote for the information

traduit du français par google

je ne connais pas de magazine en france ... toutefois il y a plusieurs blogs internet d'association régionale qui ont plusieurs post sur plusieurs sujets de géocaching ...

et mon avis est qu'il est necessaire de limiter les parutions papier pour protéger les foret d'amazonie dévastées pour les journaux papiers et publicités papier

mais j'ai quand méme mis un vote positif pour l'information

by Chup'a (11.2k points)