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Find caches on their birthday.

+8 votes
Could we have a search facility to find caches on their birthdays? i.e. From 5/5/XXXX to 6/6/XXXX to return all caches placed in those 31 days irrespective of years.

This appears to be the one used in the hidden dates grid but I can't find a way of picking specific dates myself.

Using the hidden month tool works to an extent but requires multiple entries as each one is 'year' specific.
asked Feb 11, 2017 in Feature requests by Titus Adduxas (510 points)
I have been requesting this feature for years! I'm no computer programmer, but I would think this should be an easy enough addition to the advanced search tab.

1 Answer

–1 vote
Not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe helpful anyway... try this checker...
answered Mar 30, 2017 by (1,160 points)
I can find them retrospectively easily enough - I'd like to see where they are before I find them!

The checker that posted is the closest thing to what you want

This checker doesn’t address the issue at all - it merely determines whether caches you have found have been on their anniversaries.