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+2 votes

With the virtual GPS it's possible to import a bookmark list. Is there also a way to import a gpx-file?

At least I haven't found a way. If this feature does not exist - are there more geocachers interested in this?

Thanks already for your input on this.

in Feature requests by Ragdoll. (850 points)
how do you create that GPX? From bookmark list on Geocaching?
There are several sources e.g. from an external App
yeah, that would be a great thing. I suppose, a lot of people generate their GPX with GSAK, like me.
Greetings Woody

1 Answer

–1 vote

Having this implemented in PGC would be very nice, but uploading and parsing large GPX files for getting basically only the GC codes to import is quite waste of bandwidth.

Getting GC codes from GPX file is very simple procedure (you can probably get a list of gc codes from your application), but to convert you need just simple transformation, which should be pretty easy to run on every Linux/Mac, but there should be a way on Windows too. I just run

xsltproc gpx2gccode.xsl GPX_FILE

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Dear Jakuje,
initiated by your answer I found a way with Excel to grab the GC-Codes from the gpx-file to have a one time entry into the virtual GPS.
Thanks a lot this makes it far easier creating a shared VGPS list from scratch for several Cachers planning a trip together.
Hi! I'd be interested in that feature as well. Maybe it could be implemented with a JavaScript that does the parsing on the user's local machine and only forwards the GC codes to the PG website. I know that's possible, but I lack the skills to program something like that myself.
In the meantime, you can use this page, which will give you CSV data to use with Excel / LibreOffice / ... :
Best wishes,