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What most favourite thing about Geocaching does Project-GC help with?

+6 votes
What do you really like about our shared geocaching hobby, and particularly what Project-GC helps you with?

We love going to an event and then planning a whole caching day or trip around it, before, after or both. We use Live Maps, VGPS, Event Notifiers, Route Builders and lots more here at Project-GC to make it a great day(s).

It would be good to hear what other people think!
asked Feb 16, 2017 in Miscellaneous by GCZ Team (19,090 points)

18 Answers

+2 votes
Being able to share a VGPS for planning a caching trip among several people is very useful and helps a lot to make a cache trip as good as possible for all involved.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (147,250 points)
yes probably the more used
+4 votes
What I like (and use) most is the LiveMap with useful filters, search for different challenges (D/T, Jasmer, etc), missing states/county tool, and generally planning my caching trips.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by clappy (9,570 points)
+3 votes
My project-gc help my geocaching game With =
- thé most motivation when i see progression of my badge, it's very importante To have lot of motivation
- comparative map with friend give me possibilite plus with good team
- found mystère cache challenge is new game for me and i home mais lire travel for that objectif
- ... ... ...
answered Feb 16, 2017 by Chup'a (11,150 points)
+5 votes
I like scrolling through all my caching statistics and using them to set new goals for myself. I also enjoy looking at my badges and waiting for the moment I level up. I find the live map very useful for planning geocaching trips.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Potatonator (10,790 points)
very enjoy me to, good point of view
+2 votes
Best answer
For me, mainly the wonderful Live Map with all the excellents and powerful filtering tools. The D/T tool is also very useful sometimes.

Many other features are priceless : Event Notifier, Stat Page, Double Log checker and, of course, BadgeGen (the perfect thing to give me little personal challenges).

And all the interface is so smart and efficient... a big up for that point too. It's a real pleasure to use it !
answered Feb 17, 2017 by DaneteYaourth (3,110 points)
selected Apr 7, 2017 by GCZ Team
+1 vote
I just love the fact, that i sdon't have to use gsak that much anymore (i am not good at gsak, it's too complicated and mighty for my brain).

And since i installed the greasemonkey script my live on geocachings website is a loooooot better than before!!

not to forget mentioning the excellent challenge checkers and the live map with the wonderful filter tools

i just love the site! Helpful would probably be a link page which consists links to pages which help with mysteries (tools, converters, etc)
answered Feb 18, 2017 by wottles (1,810 points)
+1 vote
The Nr1 is for me the Challenge-Checker, facilitates the question, I fulfill this challenge.
No 2 community support to solve problems, perfect.
No3 badge, joy to see the performance
Thanks to the Project Geocaching Team
Heinz Pfisterer from Belgium

Die Nr1 ist für mich der Challenge-Checker, erleichtet sehr die frage, erfülle ich diese herausforderung.
Nr2  Community-Support , um probleme zu lösen, perfeckt.
Nr3 BadgeGen, Freude zu sehen die leistung
Danke an das Project-Geocaching Team
Heinz Pfisterer aus Belgien
answered Feb 21, 2017 by Minos2003 (4,760 points)
+2 votes
For me it's a really good motivation to compare my results every week :-) also comparsion with other members (especially friends) is important for me. I also use it for searching the best caches in some area or for some D/T combinations.
answered Feb 22, 2017 by Azeret6 (830 points)
+2 votes

My top five ranked in order of how frequently I use them:

  1. Profile Stats (incl. BadgeGen)
  2. Map Compare
  3. Live Map
  4. Challenge Checkers
  5. Discover Trackables

There are several other features that I don't use that often such as Needed Found Dates and Find Bad Logs that are both very useful, but that I don't use as often as the others. The entire suite of tools and statistics is a treasure trove, though :)

answered Feb 22, 2017 by Funky_Boris (9,620 points)
edited Feb 23, 2017 by Funky_Boris
+1 vote
Life Map and Challenge Checkers are my favourites !!
answered Feb 23, 2017 by Sportsofa (2,290 points)
+1 vote

I use Project GC far too much. This is a list of a few of my most used functions

  1. Not found caches
  2. DT matrix
  3. Live Map
  4. Just to browse my own stats
  5. Challenge Checkers
  6. The discover TB tool is a real time saver!
  7. forthcoming events
I like to use project GC as much as i can really its genuinely really useful.
I love that caching has allowed us to discover new and interesting places both at home and when we are abroad.
answered Feb 25, 2017 by NSCR (4,540 points)
+2 votes

I can admit, I love Project-GC. smiley Third (or fourth?) year I am a paying member using all of the features it provides us. It became an inseparable part of the geocaching for me. Many useful features are mentioned by colleagues above already, however many others are not yet. I consider the whole project unique and simply perfect. Thankfuly to the whole PGC team. I am using the PGC every day in fact. Whether as the geocacher or the geocache owner. Especially after installed Tampermonkey it brings up clever gadgets in real time on GC site. Let me mention two smart tiny features. Notification about photos uploaded (owning many unknown caches it helps me catch up in reasonable time the photos containing the coordinates in EXIF) and the new feature of the Found logs per country flag list, which appears in the geocache listing automaticly (using Tampermonkey).

Simply thank you PGC team. smiley

answered Mar 1, 2017 by Guru Joe (1,570 points)
We really like the notification of uploaded photos too. And the notification of favourite points given!
+2 votes

I think that PGC brings us lot of usefool tools that don't and (in my opinion) should for long time already (at least for premium members)... But for me is really good tool VirtualGPS in combination with tools like missing date, missing D/T etc. And (of course) challenge checkers.. that was great idea to create something like this...

answered Mar 2, 2017 by drobec (4,470 points)
+2 votes
For me, it's plain and simply the Stats!  As an engineer, I love getting the detailed breakdown of my finds, and I didn't have to learn GSAK to do it.  I need to learn how to do the Route Builder next... I still do all that by hand.
answered Mar 19, 2017 by stickboy26 (330 points)
+1 vote
I like the VGPS.
answered Apr 6, 2017 by SalzburgerIgnore (1,920 points)
+2 votes
I use Project-GC mainly for statistics and badges, it's cool to see the progression of my badges and my belt every week :-)
answered Apr 7, 2017 by Paquitovic (840 points)
+1 vote
Having been in this game for over 13 years now and with several finds to my name I have now begun to set myself several challenges beyond the 'fill the DT grid' and 'complete the calendar grid' - such that I am now looking at completing the calendar grid for just unknowns, multis, micros 5x trads etc and it was solely due to the 'needed found dates' tool on PGC that this idea came to being but it has set me several new personal challenges (that I havent yet seen set as challenge caches by other cachers)

answered Apr 14, 2017 by Deepdiggingmole (8,200 points)
+1 vote
Also - and I appreciate this will be changing soon, due to changes with GC set up - but the bad logs function was so handy to keep an eye on double logging - have used it on a regular basis, a great cache owner management tool
answered Apr 14, 2017 by Deepdiggingmole (8,200 points)