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+1 vote
I wish to see how many premium caches are in a certain area and how many basic caches.
When you filter a certain country and state in statistics, you only get a total number. The additional filters do not feature a premium only or basic only filter.
With this feature I hope to see whether or not a geocaching premium membership is to be considered.

Is this a members-only filter or does it not exist?
in Support and help by vinnie080 (130 points)
You can do it with custom filters and maps compare. I wouldn't say is a good solution so this is only a comment
If there are more then 10000 caches in one category you have to split by some other parameter and and them together

1 Answer

0 votes

I did this using my premium account on project-GC for my region 

using the Map compare with filter set to:

Cache location: Belgium / Li├Ęge

Profile name: Pepegeo

Show none: on

Show one: on

Show both:on

Owned=found: on



and get the total of find (577) and not yet find (2054) for my region Liege/Belgium

then the same with custom filter i made (need premium account on project-GC)

find (15) and not yet find (63) 


proportion for my region is then (15+63)/(577+2054) = ~3%



you could run this search for a complete country and compare to overview for this country


me in belgium 2466 premium for ~24900 enabled is about 10%



Hope way of working help , still help

by Pepegeo (9.6k points)