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It appears that Thunderforest would like to have an API key if Project-gc are to continue using them as a map tile service.

API key required

The problem is the same with the "Transport" and the "Landscape" variants of Thunderforest.

Depending on what the root cause is, there may be additional info available at:

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1 Answer

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We are working on a fix.

Thunderforest seems a bit broken though. We can register an api key, but we can't stop anyone else from using it. This could be a problem since they are rate limited (x tiles/month). As long as they don't implement it smarter we will definitely not pay any money for their service.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
selected by Funky_Boris
Yes, their way of implementing api keys seems rather odd. I can see that it could possibly work if implemented within a closed-source mobile app using end-to-end HTTPS encryption, but for any website, their solution is flawed.

I will just select another tile layer for the time being. Thanks for the answer :)
Maybe I wasn't clear. We have installed an API key. Though we don't know if the api limit will be enough. I would guess it will be as long as no one else uses it.

Google has the same system, but there you can specify which http referrer may use the key. Which makes it harder to abuse. It can also be limited to IP and one more thing that I forgot.