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+4 votes

There are two counties in Poland called "Tomaszowski"  on project GC map.

They are in two different regions.

Please fix it. They need to be differentiated.

One is called:

And the other is

The same goes with regions

  1.  Dolnoslaskie and counties sredzki and swidnicki
  2. Mazowieckie and conunty grodziski
  3. Małopolskie and country brzeski
  4. Opolskie and opolski
  5. Podkarpackie and Krośnieński
  6. Pomorskie and Nowodworski
  7. Wielkopolskie and Ostrowski
  8. Śląskie and Bielski

in Bug reports by Ainka-in-love (360 points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Since you are a local. Do you have any suggestions of the best way to rename the counties so that they are unique?

We are currently processing the data to add an OSM-id as a suffix to every county. It's not very beautiful though.

PS! Thank you for your thorough work, easy to see the issues with your links.
Maybe it can be solved by adding region name in bracket.
E.g. tomaszowski (lubelskie), tomaszowski (mazowieckie)
What do you think?
I was a bit afraid of that answer. We didn't really have the technology to track down the name of the parent polygon when creating them. But I have added some new code.
I can only appologize for people who decided to divided the country that way and create two counties with the same name. I believe it causes more problems, not only for geocaching :)
Poland is not alone. The biggest problem (for us) is that Sweden didn't make that mistake, therefore our system isn't really designed for it. If we were more aware we would have made a better design from the start.

1 Answer

+2 votes
Polish polygons has been updated, almost all county polygons will be suffixed with the parent region name. The exception is when the parent has the same name as the county itself. Not sure of the case in Poland, but it's common for cities, where the polygon is the same in both administrative levels.

It might take a while until all data actually is updated, but it's in progress.
by magma1447 (Admin) (236k points)