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statistic: wrong lowest elevation

+1 vote
If I am use the search-function for the caches with lowest elevation, then I see my caches there correct. But in my statistic on the first side the lowest caches are not correct. I made an old ?-cache, which has a elevation of minus 4900 meter and I really want to see this in my statistic. The statistic of my friends are correct. Can somebody help me?
asked Mar 14 in Support and help by Spacedoc & Smoky (160 points)

3 Answers

+3 votes

I assume that this cache is some sore of travelling cache or antipodal cache or something like that. If so, it's likely that it's on a bookmark list with weird caches like that that is used to exclude caches from statistics (both by us and by You can change your settings to not use that bookmark list if you like, but you have it activated (which is the default). If you want to do that, go to your Profile statistics page and click "> Settings" and then change the checkbox "Use official ignore list for traveling geocaches".

answered Mar 14 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (79,660 points)
–2 votes

Yes, it worked.

Thanky you very much!!!!
answered Mar 14 by Spacedoc & Smoky (160 points)
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0 votes
I have the same "problem" with GC3YWGY. It is just -16m in a tunnel below river Elbe but not listed as that. Nothing to worry about, just to mention that.
answered Mar 25 by Team Just-T (1,140 points)