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I’m having trouble displaying the county maps.  I’ve tried it using IE and chrome, and different computers, and even asked friends to try.  All scenarios show the same results.

When I go to Tools / Map Counties and enter my profile name & Country/Region = Canada/Quebec and press filter, I get no map, but if I scroll down I do see the list of counties and the # of caches I’ve found in each (16 of 98).   The same thing happens for other non-Ontario provinces.

If I enter Country/Region = Canada/Ontario and press filter, I do get a map, but it is zoomed in and only shows the Waterloo county.  No other counties are shown.  Zooming in and out changes nothing.  If I scroll down I do see the list of counties and the # of caches I’ve found in each (43 of 49).   I get this same useless map if I leave region blank, and just enter Country=Canada.

If I enter Country/Region = United States/Michigan and press filter, it all looks fine.  I get a map showing all Michigan counties.  The ones where I have found caches are in green and the others are red.  Scrolling down I see the list of counties and the # of caches I’ve found in each (16 of 83).   It works fine for USA.

Other USA states are working; other Canadian provinces are not.

This is very annoying.

This looks like a bug.

Please help.
in Bug reports by swed31 (130 points)

1 Answer

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This is certainly a bug. The map is broken for Canada. In debugger, there is an error in generated Javascript code:

SyntaxError: expected expression, got ','  MapCounties:7428:31

The file:line points to this part, where are obviously missing border coordinates of the regions:

        var southWest = new L.LatLng(, );
        var northEast = new L.LatLng(, );

This is something Ganja has to look at.

The same code generatedfor Czech Republic has correct coordinates:

        var southWest = new L.LatLng(48.6165391, 15.5424246);
        var northEast = new L.LatLng(49.633255, 17.6470596);
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Thanks for your answer and confirmation that it is indeed a bug.  I’m new to this support thread.  Who is Ganja and what do I have to do to get him/her to look at it, and fix it?
ganja1447 is the author and developer of PGC:
He should be occasionally checking here if there is some bug report.