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I know you guys are working on a better integration of Lab Caches in the statistics. And some details of Lab Caches found are already visible on the site. But can you please also add the Lab Cache type to "Most cache types in a day", as it's not counted there either. And to me it seems like an easy to make change to include the Lab Cache type there too. Thanks!
in Feature requests by NLBokkie (3.2k points)

4 Answers

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The project-gc implementation of BadgeGen is meant to agree with how the GSAK macro calculates the badges. I don't have GSAK, so I don't know whether lab caches are included in the GSAK BadgeGen module.

I have tried to look around for someone with a GSAK-generated stats in their profile page. Can anyone else enlighten me on this ?

EDIT: I how now installed GSAK. It would seem that what it does is to have you download your my-finds.gpx to use that. The my-finds.gpx generated by does not contain the lab caches.
by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
edited by Funky_Boris
Hi Funky_Boris, thanks for your reply.
To make my question a bit clearer, I wasn't referring to BadgeGen. Though you are right that that too has a score and badge for "Most Cache Types in a Day". Instead, I was referring to the same 'variable' under the 'Finds' tab, which has no connection to BadgeGen afaik.
The corresponding "GSAK number" would be generated by FindStatGen, in that case.

AFAIK, in both these cases, these GSAK macros will include lab caches in the stats if the lab caches are in your GSAK database. In the normal case, lab caches *won't* be in your database since (as mentioned above) lab caches aren't included in the myfinds gpx file, and also lab caches aren't accessible via the API. However, there are methods to manually add lab caches to a GSAK database. The GSAK macros don't have an opinion on what cache types to make stats about; they just count whatever is in your database.
Since the lab caches are not in the database, you would have to add them manually. If you should try, you will realise that they aren't really geocaches in any classical sense of the word. You would have to leave a lot of fields empty if entering them manually. For further elaboration, see this post:

Even though I would like very much to have my "Most cache types in a day" statistic bumped by 1 (for the lab cache), I totally understand why it isn't included. For one, it preserves a consistency between the "Finds" tab and the "BadgeGen" tab, which has its own merits.
0 votes
I don't think Project-GC supports Lab caches in this feature, and I know it doesn't on some.
by Moore4us (4.8k points)
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As treats lab caches as just another cache type in their statistics (although for some statistics they are not included, of course), it is expected that PGC will also do so, especially with respect to Profile Stats > Finds > Some numbers -  most caches types in a day, counted as a cache for newest cache, cache closest to home, most countries in a day, total cache count, best week caching, etc.

However lab caches have only recently been added to PGC and there is still some work to get this fully integrated. Ganja1447 - we would love to hear if there is any progress on this...

by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.1k points)
0 votes
I see this is a long ongoing issue as I have the same problem. I was told to contact
by DARKSIDEDAN (3.7k points)
No, it is already resolved by the date 2017-11-21 for paying members.