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+2 votes

I've noticed lately, that I am receiving up to 5 emails for each GPX file I export from my virtual GPS. Is this just me, or have others been having this happen to them too?



in Support and help by 2wombles (190 points)
I've noticed that too, only in the last few days.
Happened again today. Exported a GPX, and got 5 notification emails to say the job was ready.
i think unchecked the send me an email and still got one

1 Answer

0 votes
It seems the issue was short term and has been fixed by the Project-GC Team.  A few weeks ago I was experiencing the same issue that you reported but I've run multiple jobs this week and I'm only receiving one e-mail notification per job.
by RPStew (2.8k points)
Well it appears I spoke prematurely.  I just ran a GPX job and I received two e-mails when the job finished.  Go figure...