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FTF count inaccurate

0 votes
The Profile stats I have for Project GC are not showing all my FTF.  I went in to each and added the FTF at the beginning of each log, and ran the Self support to refresh my finds over a week ago. It still only shows 5.  I have followed all the suggestions that Project GC has indicated, and still they don't show up.  I have emailed Support to no avail.  Any help would be appreciated.
asked Apr 10 in Support and help by TheArsenaultQuartet (120 points)
Could you give me the GC number of a couple of caches that you want to be FTFs but that aren't listed as such?


To name a few. There are 21 missing

3 Answers

+2 votes
The reason the caches you list don't show up as FTFs are that your logs don't contain any of the supported FTF tags. See for a list. In short, just "FTF" by itself isn't enough, since people write things like "missed the FTF by five minutes" all the time without being first.
answered Apr 10 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (79,660 points)
Oh ok. I didn't include the brackets or parentheses b/c I assumed they were for demonstration. I'll update and give it a try
+2 votes

You've not added the FTF tag properly. Just putting FTF isn't sufficient as people write that in the log when they didn't get the FTF ("Just missed FTF by 5 mins").

The FAQ gives guidance:

Why is my FTF count 0?

Or close to it.

First to Finds aren't something that is officially supported by Groundspeak, therefore we can not retrieve this data from them. What Project-GC is doing is looking for tags in your found logs. Some of those that are supported are:

{*FTF*} {FTF} [FTF]

There are some additional tags that are less official, but are supported as well. Some of those tags are required to be first in the log, some can exist anywhere. None of the above needs to be first.

Personally I normally go for "{FTF}" or if I'm including the time I found it "{FTF@1812}" but any of the above work (and others).

answered Apr 10 by mole125 (17,780 points)
Adding also a link to the FAQ would be helpful so the users can find also other answers.
Click the support button and then select FAQ (or one of the other useful support options) the direct link is
0 votes
If you don't use FTF tags but  a list to "store" your FTF's make sure its a public list... If its a private list it will not show on your stats.

answered Apr 14 by Erik_Los (300 points)