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All types in Difficulty/Terrain Matrix in Profile Stats.

+1 vote
I think similar request already has been posted, sorry if this is a duplicate...

In Profile stats the D/T matrix I can toggle all/trad/multi/unknown. I would like to add the other types as well to the stats. Would that possible?
asked Apr 13 in Feature requests by doffy_74 (430 points)
A good question - I am in the throes of rying to complete various grids for a variety of finds not just all

2 Answers

+1 vote
You can use "Tools -> Map DT matrix" to see your statistics for any type, even though it isn't in the profile statistics as such.
answered Apr 13 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (79,680 points)
Is it really possible to get a complete view in "Map D/T Matrix"? It is mandatory to add "Cache location: [country]".

And it would be easier, and also cooler, to be able to toggle all types in the Stats.
The Cache location field will limit the suggestions you get for caches to fill out the holes in your matrix, but the matrix will be built from all your finds.
0 votes
answered May 15 by Vooruit! (580 points)