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Hello guys :o)

I habe a somewhat weird question (as usual) ;o)
I want to make a fotoblog about my geocaching adventures and want , among other infos, add my own log to each found cache page.
What I wonder now is, does anyone of you know, if there probably a GSAK macro exists, which can find your log. I am asking, because batchgen can find your log and count the words. so i wonder, if it possible, what i am searching.
Thanks in advance for your help and infos

P.S: I hope that was understandable, my English is pretty lousy ;o)
closed with the note: Funky_Boris answered the question perfectly. Thank you!
in Support and help by wottles (1.8k points)
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1 Answer

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That will get you a list of all your "Found it" logs. There is a "Visit log" button next to each one.

Is that what you wanted ?

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
selected by wottles
Thank you very much for your reply, Funky:Boris.
But that's not, what I wanted. As i mentioned, my English is not very good. I try to rephrase the question:

What i want to get is MY log text itself. I know, how to find the caches, which are logged by me. but some of them already have 100 and more logs AFTER me. so finding my own log text can be very tiresome. Do you know, what I mean?

I hope, I was more understandable this time.

Thank you very much for your effort!
Have you actually tried doing what I suggest?

If you use the above link, the link next to each cache says "visit log", not "visit cache" or "visit cache listing". It will get you _your_ "Found it"-log specifically, nothing else. This way you won't have to visit the cache listing and scroll past anything. There will only be your log on that page.
oops! :o}

Thank you very much Funky_Boris. Yes! That's exactly what i was searching for..
I should read answers better!
thank you very very much for your help!

Freindly greetings from Austria